Since our formation, both junior and senior Judo has continued to grow both in numbers and achievements. Competition success has been achieved with both junior and senior members and the traditional aspect of Judo correctly taught, including etiquette and Kata.

At Seishin we believe that both traditional and competitive judo have a place in our dojo and we therefore aim to promote the principles of Kodokan Judo as set down by Jigaro Kano. It is our wish that everyone is catered for, whether they wish to become involved in competition Judo or perhaps its more traditional aspect and to practice judo for all its other qualities of discipline, etiquette, fitness and mutual respect.

It is important that coaches/instructors continually update and improve all their skills in order that they, in turn, can pass that knowledge onto others so that they to, can benefit. Our fully qualified and active BJA coaches work as a team to help, improve and support others in the clubs activities. All our coaches have competition experience and that is invaluable when teaching others that aspect of Judo.

Bruce Scrivens, our Chief Instructor, as well as teaching competitive judo, also teaches kata in the correct Kodokan style. Judo is for everyone, not just those who can win medals at competitions. A good instructor and coach is someone who can get the best from their students at all levels. Practice sessions are hard work but enjoyable and educational. Bruce, is well known within Judo and many people have visited Seishin since its inception to train with existing members and to enjoy a friendly atmosphere.

Our doors are always open to those wishing to enjoy judo, whether it is competition they seek or the more traditional aspect. Seishin is perhaps not the place for those with inflated egos or indeed those who like to give a false impression of their abilities to the unknowing novice student.

Child Protection is an important aspect of our club and as a result our coaches have attended Child Protection Courses and, along with various assistants, are all CRB checked. Importantly, we have a fully qualified Child Protection Officer who is also an instructor in that field.

In addition the club and its instructors are fully insured.

Bruce Scrivens, Renshi
Chief Instructor

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