Bruce Scrivens, our Chief Instructor, originally started martial arts with Ju Jitsu and changed to Judo back in 1971 with the British Judo Council (MAC). He was fortunate to learn both competitive and traditional judo and teaches in that way and to those values today.

Having achieved some success in competitive judo Bruce has, over the years, gained an in depth knowledge of Judo and has several coaching qualifications including Level 3 Senior Club Coach, Theory Examiner and Personal Safety Advisor with the British Judo Association He is an experienced and respected coach of both junior and senior players and has been responsible for coaching several players to county, area, national and international standard. He not only trains regularly but also attends courses, seminars and revalidation events to continually update and sharpen his skills.

At Seishin, in addition to Judo, he also teaches Iaido (the Art of the Japanese Sword) a traditional sword style called Muso Shinden Ryu. Rokudan (6th Dan).

He also holds the grade of Godan 5th Dan Judo with DNBK (Dai Nippon Butoku Kai) and BJC (Mac) and is registered with the Society of Black Belts andKokusai Seishin-Ryu Renmei.

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