The Seishin badge comprises of a number of elements.

Around the outside of the badge is a gold band containing the English club name. When a Japanese word such as Seishin is written in English characters this is commonly known as the “romanji” translation.

The central white circle is a reference to the background of the Japanese national flag

The large Japanese characters are the “kanji” script for the word “Seishin”. Kanji is one of a number of different writing styles used in Japan, and in fact originated from China. The small red brush-stroke again is a subtle reference to the red circle found on the Japanese flag.

The smaller red kanji inside a rectangular box represents a “hanko”, a Japanese stamp. The hanko is like a Japanese version of a signature. The size is very small, but Japanese people regard hanko as being indispensable to them. Hanko is stamped on papers in Japan such as contracts, registrations and application forms. The hanko is believed to bring the owner good fortune. Our hanko quite simply translates to the word Judo.

World renown Japanese calligraphy artist Eri Takase was commissioned by Seishin Judo to design the centre piece of the badge.

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