At the beginning of 2024, the judo world is animated by preparations for upcoming international competitions, the introduction of new technologies in the training process and significant changes in the rules aimed at increasing the safety of athletes and increasing the entertainment of fights. This year promises to be an important milestone in the development of judo, attracting the attention of not only loyal fans of the sport, but also new audiences. Let’s look at the key aspects that will shape world judo at the start of 2024.

Technological innovation in judo

Every year, technology is becoming more deeply integrated into sports, and judo is no exception. In 2024, the focus is on the following innovations:

  • Analytical Software: Teams and coaches are increasingly using specialized software to analyze athletes’ performances, allowing them to detail preparation and strategy for each fight.
  • Wearable technologies: Wearable devices such as fitness bands and smart watches are used to monitor athletes’ physical condition in real time, which helps optimize exercise and recovery.

These innovations not only improve training efficiency, but also help prevent injury.

Rule changes

The International Judo Federation (IJF) has introduced new rules aimed at improving the understanding and entertainment of the sport:

  • Time limit on the ground: Introduced to speed up fights and encourage athletes to take active action.
  • Changes in the evaluation of throws: The criteria for evaluating throws have been revised, which should contribute to a more aggressive and spectacular fighting style.

These changes have already generated lively discussion among athletes, coaches and fans, highlighting the IJF’s commitment to innovation and development of judo.

Preparation for the Olympic Games

With the 2024 Olympic Games in Paris approaching, judokas around the world are redoubling their preparation efforts. The Olympics are traditionally the pinnacle of many athletes’ careers, and competition for medals promises to be fierce. Among the main contenders for gold:

  1. Japan: Traditionally a strong judo nation with many decorated athletes.
  2. Germany: Continues to demonstrate the high level of training of its judokas.
  3. France: Host country with a strong tradition in judo and many outstanding athletes.

Development of women’s judo

Women’s judo continues to grow in popularity and interest in women’s competition is expected to grow even more in 2024. An increase in the number of tournaments, equal prize pools with men’s competitions and increased media attention contribute to the development of women’s judo at the world level.


The beginning of 2024 is marked by significant events and changes in the world of judo. Technological innovation, rule changes, preparations for the Olympic Games and the development of women’s judo are all factors contributing to the development of the sport. World judo continues to attract new fans, offering them a unique combination of physical strength, tactics and spirituality.

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